What Sets Leila Apart

Leila prioritizes accessibility and personalized representation, protecting clients’ priorities and providing compassionate support. She employs tactical strategies and conducts comprehensive investigations, leveraging her science background to strengthen defenses.

What Sets Leila Apart

This is what you can expect from Leila


Leila’s top priority is to be as responsive and available to her clients as possible. She is always happy to answer your questions and will keep you informed of developments. You are welcome to call, text, or email her 24/7. Leila values face-to-face time and encourages meetings in the office, as she believes that great communication between attorney and client is key for legal success!

Personalized Approach

Leila understands that criminal cases have far-reaching consequences in your life, so she fights with her clients’ personal priorities in mind. She aims to protect your employment, immigration status, family arrangements, and other pillars of your life. She can help place you in substance abuse, parenting, and anger management classes for a more lenient resolution that fits your unique circumstances.

Compassionate Representation

Whether or not you committed the crime you are accused of, Leila will treat you with decency, honesty, patience, and respect. Her top priority is to make you feel welcome and comfortable discussing sometimes difficult topics and private parts of your life. Her office is a proud “no judgment” zone!

Tactical Strategies

How your case is presented in negotiations and the courtroom is a balancing act. Leila knows when to be aggressive and firm in court and when to be pleasant, perceptive, and persuasive with prosecutors to get the desired result. Sometimes it’s important to be aggressive, but other times, you catch more bees with honey.

Comprehensive Investigation

Leila will go beyond the police report to build a case for you. Her firm uses creative personal investigators to leave no stone unturned and provide you with the strongest defense possible.

A Science Background

Leila graduated with high honors with a Bachelor of Sciences in Molecular Developmental Biology from UC Santa Barbara. She understands how to read, interpret, and use DNA evidence, medical reports, drug and toxicology reports, and forensics to aid in your defense. She is not afraid of using science in the courtroom.