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“Ms. Vaez-Iravani was my defense attorney in a difficult domestic violence case. I married an undocumented person after a short period of dating. Shortly after the wedding, she set about secretly fabricating evidence of domestic violence in order to gain immigration benefits in the United States through a program known as VAWA. Soon I found myself facing serious domestic violence charges in Santa Clara County. It was a complex fraud scheme involving criminal elements in two different states, California and Nevada. Some of the conspirators even occupied positions of public trust (such as a nurse). The scheme was highly sophisticated and carefully designed to appear legitimate. It seemed as though my conviction was all but guaranteed.

Ms. Vaez-Iravani was able to skillfully navigate the complex legal landscape, which involved both local and federal laws, many of which were obscure even to the prosecutor and local police. With her guidance we were able to put together an extensive package containing pertinent evidence. Further, she used the power of subpoena and other legal tools to obtain documents which were beyond my reach, and which the perpetrators intended to conceal. This included medical and court records, electronic communications, police statements, etc. She was thoroughly acquainted with every document, including extensive electronic evidence, and was able to recite them from memory during the process of filtering out those bits of evidence which were peripheral to proving my case.

I was impressed at how quick she was to recognize inconsistencies, contradictions, and hidden motives. This enabled her, on several occasions, to use the state’s own evidence to help my case! Finally, she stitched together all the evidence into a coherent whole, which made it easy for the prosecutor to draw the conclusions we were seeking. In the end, the prosecutor DISMISSED the charges “with evidence strongly suggesting factual innocence.” A senior Department of Homeland Security agent, who reviewed the file, praised her skill and professionalism in winning such a difficult case.

From the beginning to the end, Ms. Vaez-Iravani was professional, but at the same time approachable and patient in explaining to me the esoteric legal aspects of the case. I highly recommend her if you are facing criminal charges.”

“It is with utmost pleasure that I offer my highest review of Leila Vaez-Iravani’s knowledge, abilities, and efforts as a superb attorney, advocate, and negotiator. During the time I sought her representation, I had a tremendous amount of personal security and positive reputation at stake. Leila worked over a long course to get the best possible outcome for me, and the dignity with which I was treated during an immensely trying time felt deeply redemptive. My circumstances truly could not have been manageable without Leila’s amazing work and efforts towards what turned out to be a bright outcome.”

“We had no hope that any good would come from our hire of a lawyer, however Ms. Vaez was highly recommended to help with our situation. It seemed a “slam dunk” three-year prison sentence was inevitable. Ms. Vaez responded to all of our questions with patience and understanding. She worked overtime and risked her own health and attended court for us during the quarantine. She faced fierce opposition from the prosecutor but did not relent in pleading our case for a lesser sentence.

Due to her persistence, experience and wisdom, she worked with the judge to develop a creative alternative that resulted in a last minute change of direction for our case.

I totally recommend Ms. Vaez. Even when there seems to be no hope, she’ll fight for you.”

“My first time dealing with a situation like this and Leila knew exactly what to do and how to help me get the best outcome possible. Extremely caring and professional, Leila guided me through every step of the process and made sure I understood everything going on. Words aren’t enough to express how grateful I am for Leila’s work and I would 100% recommend anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney to work with her.”

“I never had any prior incidents with criminal law. Ms. Vaez-Iravani was able to resolve my case and navigate it to a mutually acceptable agreement. Ms. Vaez-Iravani came highly recommended with some strong qualities and I realized she was confident, knowledgeable, and a good negotiator. I appreciate her hard work and dedication. If you’re like me and want the best representation call her you’ll be glad you did.”

“Leila was super responsive and helpful in advising us on a land dispute and preparation for a restraining order. She had a thorough understanding of the law involving our situation. If we have trouble of this nature again we will definitely contact her.”

“Leila was a life saver. She was always very professional and explained everything. She is very knowledgeable and does not back down. She gets the job done and always communicated well with me. She is amazing and I’m glad she was in my corner. I hope to never need her service again, but if something were to happen she would be my first phone call. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Leila.”

“First time needing legal services and I knew from our first meeting, Leila was my lawyer. She combines all the skills and aptitudes you would ever want in a lawyer—knowledge, confidence, assertiveness but not too aggressive, collaborative, compassionate, and most importantly, responsive. Leila always responded to every question I had within a reasonable timeframe.”

“Leila not only represented me but fought for me and won all the critical elements of my case. I not only highly recommend her, she would be the first person I contact, should I need legal representation again.”

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If you are arrested or accused of a crime, it is important to contact a lawyer right away. Leila is happy to speak with you at any time and schedule a free initial consultation. Get in touch with her today by calling or texting 408-656-1919. You can also send her an email or book directly online.
If you are arrested or accused of a crime, it is important to contact a lawyer right away. I am happy to speak with you at any time and schedule a free initial consultation. Get in touch with me today by calling or texting 408-656-1919. You can also send me an email or book directly online.